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Benefits of using waist trainers

With so many people talking about waist trainers, a nice place to start would be to first understand the benefit of using a waist trainer...

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Benefits of using waist trainers

With so many people talking about waist trainers, a nice place to start would be to first understand the benefit of using a waist trainer. There are different types of waist trainers that fulfill different purposes. The main advantage behind using shaping garments such as waist trainers is to reduce few inches at the waist line and to tackle abdomen flab to some extent. Here are some of the common benefits of using waist trainers:

  1. Reduce the waist circumference:

    This is the most evident benefit behind choosing waist trainers. By tightening the abdominal muscles in the long run and changing the positions of some internal organs, the waist trainers or corsets help reduce the size of the waist. This helps achieve a hourglass figure.

  2. Back support:

    Corsets are pretty firm. They are known to support the back while also reducing the waist line. This is in fact one of the major benefits of wearing a corset. It can strengthen the back bone by supporting it and reduce chances of back strain. Even those who suffer from back sores can find wearing a corset beneficial.

  3. No more bad posture:

    As the corset offers a great support to the backbone, it also corrects the posture. Both your sitting and standing posture would be made right. With the corset tightly holding your backbone in place you would not be hunching. Patients with scoliosis might find wearing a corset useful. This also reduces the chances of lumbar pains which people usually get after sitting for long hours. Wearing a corset would help in the long run by correcting the lumbar support and thus preventing all body aches that occur due to bad posture.

  4. Reduction of headaches:

    Yes! You read that right. Corset can also help reduce headaches. Several times headaches occur due to bad postures. Bad posture can cause the spine to take a lot of stress. This leads to nerve endings being constricted. This leads to headaches. These headaches can be avoided by wearing a corset that corrects the posture.

  5. For asthma:

    One main difference between a shapewear and a corset is the extent of the support. Corset extends all the way up to the ribs. This means that your rib region would also be supported. By correcting the posture, again, the lungs are able to open up better. This makes breathing easier for those with asthma.

  6. Prevent hernias:

    Sometimes, those with mild cases of abdominal hernias might be suggested to wear a corset. But this should be done with proper medical assistance. This can help prevent the hernia from getting worse.

  7. Address post-pregnancy issues:

    After delivery, women might find it difficult to get back in shape. This is one time when corset can come in handy. Consult your physician before using a corset after delivery. Corset can help tackle the pregnancy belly. It can also help prevent diastasis recti which is found to occur in some pregnant. But corsets that are worn in pregnant women are different. They should be used only after consultation with the gynecologist.

  8. Instant trimming of the body:

    Shapewears don’t offer the benefits of a corset or waist trainer. But waist trainers also act as shapewear. These help you look instantly trim and fit to wear your favorite outfit with confidence. These can be worn by both men and women.

Stay away from the risks:

Like every other product, this one comes with its own limitations too. But often the risks associated with waist trainers are mainly because of using them the wrong way. Never use a waist trainer for a long period from the very first day. Your body needs time to get used to being tucked tight. This would take weeks or months. If you are looking for something that you can wear all day, go for a soft breathable shapewear instead. Waist trainers should only be worn few hours a day in the beginning. You can increase the time gradually after few weeks. Also, remember that sleeping in a corset might be difficult and so would working out be. So wear them only when you need to. Approach a trainer who can assist you in setting a schedule for wearing a waist trainer. This would ensure that you do not overdo waist training.